Ukraine Appeal – latest update – Saturday 26th March 2022

A huge thank you for all your support for the people of Ukraine at this difficult time.

Your kind practical and financial donations mean that we have now sent 10 (!) articulated lorries full of desperately needed aid, some to our team in Ukraine, some to our trusted Christian partners working with refugees in surrounding countries. It’s wonderful to see this aid arriving and being quickly distributed – and the dedication of our teams on the ground to serving those in need, despite the dangers to themselves.

Here is a video update from Rev. Bernard Cocker, (CEO and Founder) filmed at the warehouse a few days ago

Here is a link to an email update with more detail about the current situation 

We continue to need donations of food, medical supplies, toiletries, shoes and sleeping bags. We are working hard to sort and pack all the clothes and bedding already donated, so ask for no more of these items for another couple of weeks please.

Thank you very much to everyone who has volunteered at our warehouse recently in response to the Ukraine Appeal, your sorting, packing, stacking, brewing up etc. is greatly appreciated! Here are a few photos from the past few weeks and please follow this link to hear what some of our volunteers have to say:

Would you like to join the team? We will be continuing to sort and send aid for as long as needed, Monday to Friday 10am  – 4pm, We also welcome groups from churches, businesses etc. please email or text Julie on 07502 055109 if you would like to come along.

Thank you for your prayer, children and staff from our Living Hope School in India and New Hope School in Sierra Leone have also been praying for their brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Please pray with us for peace and an end to the war, please pray for God to sustain our teams in Ukraine as they serve, please pray for all who have had to leave their homes, for all sheltering underground, may they know God’s love and help.




Ukraine Appeal – latest update – Friday 18th March 2022

Warehouse update:

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful support of our Ukraine appeal! Please could we ask for your help tomorrow (Friday 18th March)? We are loading a truck with a short turnaround time, so please can you only drop off aid if you have already booked in?

Also we are still working through sorting and packing clothing and bedding already donated, so we are not able to accept any more at the moment, but we will share on social media when we are.

Thank you very much again, all the team in the UK and in Ukraine really appreciate your generosity and encouragement 😊

#ukraineappeal #standwithukraine #prayforukraine #christiancompassion

Saturday 19th March we will be open 10-4*

*If you are planning to volunteer this Saturday please email or text 07502 055109 



Ukraine Appeal – latest update – Moldova truck unloaded!

Aid being delivered to Moldova

Here is the truck sent from our warehouse to Moldova, unloaded by Pastor Victor and team at their warehouse in Chisinau. They have already begun distributing this aid. We praise God for the team in Moldova and all our other friends in Eastern Europe working hard to support those affected by the war in Ukraine.

More trucks are on the road,  on the way to their destinations and we will post updates and photos as we receive them.

Thank you so much for all your support!

#ukraineappeal #makeadifference #christiancompassion #internationalaidtrust

In the meantime our warehouse is still open for receiving the following goods.

Monday – Friday 10- 4

Saturday 19th March we will be open 10-4*

*If you are planning to volunteer this Saturday please email or text 07502 055109 



Ukraine Appeal – latest update

Warehouse updates:

Thank you so much to everyone who has been volunteered or donated towards the Ukraine Emergency  Appeal, we are so thankful for generosity! Please keep reading for some ways we’re organising things going forward:

  • We are currently accepting donations of food, medical supplies and toiletries as per the list circulated on Monday, we will share on here when we are able to accept clothing and bedding again.
  • Volunteers are very welcome Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm, there is lots of sorting and packing to do!
  • If you are planning to drop items off or to volunteer at any time please email or text 07502 055109 to book in.
  • We know many of you have been kindly running drop off points for donations, please can you let us know if these are still ongoing and if you want us to share the days / times people can drop off.

Thank you so much for all your support!

#ukraineappeal #makeadifference #christiancompassion #internationalaidtrust




Ukraine Appeal – latest update

Thank you so much everyone for your generosity!  We are not accepting any more clothes and bedding until we have processed what we have at the warehouse.  We are still accepting food, medical supplies and toiletries as shown below. Thank you all for your support and understanding at this time.  Further updates will follow as we have more news to share.



Ukraine Appeal – latest update

We currently have a long queue of vehicles waiting to drop goods off at Sherdley Road Ind Est, we are kindly asking for patience at this time or if you can defer your visit until tomorrow (Tuesday 8th March).   Thank you for your understanding


We would love to hear from you if you are a competent experienced FLT driver,  hold a current license and have some time to offer us at our warehouse at Lostock Hall.  Please email for more information 

Here is an updated list of list of what is most needed for our Ukraine appeal.  We have an opportunity to get aid into our distribution centre in Ukraine, they urgently need food and medical supplies listed in this picture.

Our shops are now just taking items on this list, we are continuing to take clothes and bedding at our warehouse if you have  already collected it.  If you are starting a new collection please use this list. Please share, thank you so much for all your support! Ukraine appeal A4 poster

Below are a few photographs of the truck that left yesterday laden with much need aid.

It is now on the way to Moldova where Pastor Victor and team are supporting Ukrainian refugees. Thank you very much to everyone who helped make this possible!


Today (Fri 4th March) we are loading a truck and respectfully ask that if you were planning to drop off at the warehouse today could you possibly hold off until Monday 7th March.  We want to ensure safety to all.  Thank you all for your understanding and support.  Please check our FB later for photos etc.

A huge thank you to everyone for all your support of our Ukraine appeal in so many ways!

Answers to some frequently asked questions:

urgently required – dried foods with 12+ date

What do you need most? Dried food, especially pasta and rice (with at least 12 months best before date.

Do you have a deadline? No we will be sending aid into Ukraine and to support those displaced for the foreseeable future.

As the response to the appeal has been so amazing, a couple of other things to mention, if you are planning to drop donations off at one of our charity shops, please phone first, as some of them are running out of space, numbers here:  Stores – International Aid Trust

If you are planning to bring a large amount of donations to the warehouse e.g van rather than car please can you phone to arrange a time? (01772 6119888) or send a message on facebook.

We are very grateful to everyone who has volunteered to help with sorting and packing donations! There is lots, lots more to do, of you would like to help please get in touch.

Please find resources to print off below

Ukraine appeal A4 poster


Thank you all very much again for your support!


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