Did you know we also help people here in the UK?

We take referrals from other charities such as Christians Against Poverty and from schools, churches and domestic violence refuges. We have been able to support people in crisis with furniture, household equipment, clothes, food and even shoebox gifts.

Our UK ministry includes supporting people who are getting their lives back on track. We work closely with local prisons; some bicycles and wheelchairs that come into the warehouse are repaired and refurbished by prisoners, providing us with bikes to send overseas; much needed transport, and helping prisoners to learn useful skills and have a sense of purpose. We are also able to provide volunteering opportunities to help prepare prisoners for work after their sentence is complete and for people who are part the Community Pay Back scheme. Whatever someone’s background they are welcomed into our team and as with all volunteers, are a great blessing to our work here in the UK.

We are currently developing our Headquarters in Chorley by adding toilets and kitchen facilities and a prayer room.  if you would like to give to this project please follow this link https://www.stewardship.org.uk/partners/UKHQdevelopment/oneoff


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