Vision Mission Trip Sierra Leone – 14th to 24th March 2023

Vision Mission Sierra Leone  

The International Aid Trust Vision Mission team, consisting of opticians Peter and Sheila and assistants Alison and John, are travelling to Lungi in the West African country of Sierra Leone from the 14th to 24th March, to conduct eye examinations and prescribe spectacles.

They hope to screen and examine hundreds of children at New Hope School, along with as many teachers, pastors and other adults in the villages as possible. They will arrange treatments for any ocular diseases if possible dependant on location and funding. Already in country are over a thousand donated glasses collected by International Aid Trust, that are sorted, measured and ready for using.

The team will stay in a local guesthouse and attend New Hope Church on Sunday to pass on greetings from our congregations in the U.K.

Sincere thanks to Rev. Bernard Cocker (Founder and CEO) and all the UK team for enabling this project to happen. They have done this as well as organising the collection and shipping of hundreds of tons of desperately needed aid to the Ukraine and collaborating with the many International Aid Trust missions throughout our hurtling world. This is all made possible by our loving saviour Jesus Christ.


Peter Booth February 2023


We have teams going to Sierra Leone over the next few weeks and are looking for specific items that can be taken – 

1. PAIN KILLERS: Paracetamol, Ibuprofen etc.
2. LED FLASHLIGHTS & LANTERNS: various sizes for
security etc.
3. TECHNOLOGY (can be second hand):
preferably 1 GB or larger. MOBILE PHONES.
4. POWER BANKS: The electricity supply is limited and
unpredictable (none at all in isolated villages).
5. CLERGY SHIRTS: 14.5” to 17.5” neck.

For more information follow the link below.

Sierra Leone goods needed 2023

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