Ukraine – one year on!

The video below shows some of the aid you have kindly donated being distributed in Izium by our Ukraine team.

Dear Friends and Supporters,

It is one year since the war began, when Russia invaded the peaceful nation of Ukraine, that we love dearly. The country has been damaged heavily, many thousands of lives have been lost, both civilians and troops. There was no reason for this wicked act, which has left people living in poverty and made millions of refugees.

But International Aid Trust has, with your help, been able to respond very quickly. Thanks to our wonderful teams on the ground in Ukraine, and our wonderful teams in the UK. So many of you have been working away to help people you’ve never seen, that’s your heart. God bless you all, you’ve made this all possible!

This war began with evil intent, but we responded in love and God has used that love to help hundreds of thousands of people. Up until now, we’ve been able to identify, collect, sort, pack and distribute over £10 million worth of aid, in less than a year, and that is down to you.

Our response to the need in Ukraine has only just begun really. Even if the war was to stop tomorrow and Russia was sent back to its own borders, which we pray will happen soon by the way; there will still be a huge rebuilding job to do, so please do continue to help us.

There are many other terrible situations in the world which we are also supporting, but think of these numbers in Ukraine, over half a million have been killed or injured, 270,000 Russian Military personnel alone.

But God’s love is bigger than all of that, we’ve sent out two trucks in the last ten days, from our warehouse in Hesketh Bank. Within four days they are at our warehouse near Kyiv and aid is very quickly being distributed. Every penny you give, every item of clothing or generator or food or medical supplies you donate, gets to the people who need it. Please keep supporting us, with your help we can do this, and we will see the victory.

God bless you all.


Rev. Bernard Cocker

CEO and Founder

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