It all began in 1991 with a vision: to make a difference in the world. Today that vision is a reality for many thousands.

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Feed & Educate in India

March 1st was officially World Book Day, where parents send their children to school dressed as their favourite book character. It’s a way to encourage children to read more books. So this month’s Sponsor Sunday is focusing on our Feed and Educate programme in India.

There are children in the slums of India who are desperate to learn and would love the opportunity to read and browse at a book. We can take for granted that books are commonly available for children in the UK and schools are just a stone’s throw away. Our Feed and Educate programme provides food, clothing and education for each child that attends.

For only £6 it would allow us to feed and educate a rescued slum child for a whole month in Southern India. That is the same price as a brand new children’s book in our local bookstore.

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🇪🇺 Eastern Europe

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🇮🇳 India

Since 2010 International Aid Trust India has been instrumental in establishing 65church and 30 house groups in various states throughout the south of India.  Initially pastors are appointed and they are supported by IAT India. A principal aim is to continue this process, particularly in areas where there are no established Christian communities or churches such as rural villages, tribal areas, urban slums and inner cities.


🌍 Africa

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Bernard Cocker

CEO & Founder

I saw images of pain and suffering that will never leave me and came back to this country with a dream, a vision, to make a difference

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