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It all began in 1991 with a vision: to make a difference in the world. Today that vision is a reality for many thousands.

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Here in the UK, in the terrible event a child loses both their parents and has no other family to look after them, they are taken into our care system.  They are fed, clothed, schooled and looked after until suitable foster or adoptive parents can be found.

In many places across the world though, those children are left to fend for themselves.  Many die as they are unable to survive without a parent or guardian.  The others, may be sold, abused, or taken into a life of violence as child soldiers.

We cannot stand by and watch this happen.  After the 2017 floods in Sierra Leone many children lost their entire families, leaving no one to care for them.  This is why we started to build our children’s rescue homes.

The first of four planned rescued children’s homes is almost complete and will be home to 16 orphans plus the house mother and a carer to assist her.  This first home is nearly complete and is being built in “Eden Village” located near to our New Hope school and church, Lunghi, Sierra Leone and named “Emanuel House”.

The homes will also be used as churches, catering for the local community and we are already holding regular services at Emanuel House, despite it not yet being completed.

For just £18 a month each orphaned child will receive accommodation, education, food and medical expenses.  That’s less then 60p per day!

Set up a regular standing order via our website, simply click ‘DONATE’ – please use the reference ‘July2018SS’ to ensure you’re gift is used for the right project.  You can also now donate via our facebook page!

Can you give a child a safe place to grow up?

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Since 2010 International Aid Trust India has been instrumental in establishing 65 church and 30 house groups in various states throughout the south of India.


India update June 2018



International Aid Trust has had a presence in Sierra Leone since 2009 following a visit by Bishop Bernard Cocker the  CEO and Founder.    MORE »



International Aid Trust also carries out work worldwide.



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Bernard Cocker

CEO & Founder

I saw images of pain and suffering that will never leave me and came back to this country with a dream, a vision, to make a difference

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